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You know when you’re a kid and you have that one teddy bear that you adore? The one you bring everywhere. The one who’s covered with germs like saliva, dirt and grass. The one who comforts you when you’re sad, accompany you when you’re happy; the one who’s basically linked to most of your childhood memories?

Yeah, well… I’m way out of my childhood and I still have one of those metaphorical teddy bear… Its name is food. Savory, greasy, delicious food.

I love food. When I plan a trip, the first thing I look up is where and what I’ll be able to eat during that said trip. I binge-watch shows on The Food Network. I own a ton of cookbooks. I love to try new things and do my best to not let my fear of weird textures be too big of a problem. But I also use food as a coping mechanism. I eat when I’m sad, stressed or angry. I use food to keep me overweight so I can hide from the world. I eat when I’m bored and get too scared to get out and be myself. But enough is enough.

My name is Stephanie and I’m on my way towards a happy body, inside and out, where food – yet loved – is not the answer.


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